Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant

Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant

Healthy Mexican Food

3262 Airway Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
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Our Fresh and Original Mexican Food

Mi Tierra is a family owned restaurant. We have been in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years. As family, we honor our traditions and we extend that traditions to our food. When you go to Mi Tierra you will experience an authentic Mexican Food, the same that for generations we have been cooking for our families using fresh and quality ingredients.

Come, visit us and feel like you are eating at the south of the border in your own town

Best Healthy Mexican Food in Santa Rosa CA

Good Food

Mexican food is delicious, and you don’t have to be Latin to love it. Mexican restaurants are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for eating out these days. The only drawback for many folks is the high calorie count of some Mexican dishes. At Mi Tierra we have a comprehensive menu for healthy choices that provides high nutritional value with low calories. Some recommendations are : Soft Tacos: Chicken, Shrimp or Fish. Fajitas: Chicken, Shrimp or Veggie, Pollo Asada, Pollo/Marisco a la Tampiquena, Caldo de Camaron, Filete de Pescado, Mariscos (Seafood).


Food to Go
Complete take out service.
Call in, order and we will have your selections ready when you come by.
We do Catering for small medium and large events.
We keep Our original, fresh and healthy food in menues that are adapted to the customer’s needs and budget.

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About Us

Mi Tierra is a Family owned and operated Restaurant. The Magana Family emigrates from Mexico so many years ago. Since we touched American soil we promote to keep our customs, believes and original values. Through the years, several relatives start to separate from the core family to begin their own family and in many cases their own business. Keeping our values and believes was critical to succeed in the huge challenge that represents being a family head and a business person. This is the same case for Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant. We keep the original way to cook Mexican food, as we used to do in Mexico, with the same original recipes and the same cooking process. We excel getting the freshest ingredients to each and every one of the dishes we prepare, and keeping our values we promote a fair price and high quality products. Come to visit us, we will be honored with your visit and maybe we can take the time to talk a little bit more about our incredible experience that means to bring to our new country all the flavors from Mexico. 


3262 Airway Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95403




+1 (707) 573 – 9343